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Dr. Emmanuel Tolessa | Orthopedist in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Emmanuel Tolessa

Dr. Emmanuel Tolessa

Consultant (Years of Experience: 21)

DOC Medical Center


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Medical Qualifications

Master's in Public Health, Loma Linda University, USA

MD, Kuopio University, Finland


Specialist Certificate, University of Kuopio, Finland


Fellowship, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, UK

Fellowship in Orthopedic and Traumatology, University of Kuopio, Finland

Fellowship in Trauma and Spine, Leeds University, UK

Fellowship, McGill University, Canada

Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Trauma, University of Toronto, Canada

Fellowship, St. Jame's University Hospital, UK


Member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Member of the European Pelvic and Acetabulum Society

Member of the Physicians and Surgeons of Quebec

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians

Member of the Medical Defense Union

Member of the British Medical Association

Member of the Finnish Oromo Society

Member of the Finnish Society of Surgeon

Member of the Finnish Medical Association


دكتور جدي و مهني وعندو معرفه واسعه على طول بنصح فيه الناس. "~ هيا"


He is a excellent Orthopedic Doctor. He explains well my condition and even the treatment he made sure that i understand the procedure to be done. He gave all the options and gave me time to decide. He is very professional and respectful. Sometimes uttered jokes just to make patient relax. DOC Medical Center is a patient friendly center. its not over crowded unlike other facilities like market.


excellent Doctor


Buthaina - ".انا اراجع مع الدكتور من زمان و صراحة دكتور ممتاز. انصح فيه


"I have no negative comments about Dr. Tolessa. He is very professional, polite and humble. I recommend him." - Musarat


"He is a great doctor, i would recommend him to everyone. "~ Diana


I didn't improve at all. The Dr. examined only 1st time in 5 min and prescribed shockwaves therapy but it didn't help. He did a steroid injection but also didn't help. I am still feeling the same pain.


"The doctor is great and experienced. I recommend him." - Zahrin


Dr. Tolesa is a great and gifted physician who can diagnose the specific spine illness of his patience like what I experienced. I am very satisfied of his exceptional work. God bless him always!


"The doctor was great. he pushed me in for surgery because my case was urgent. which was a great initiative."


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