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Ms. Zeinab Rizk | Dietitian in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Ms. Zeinab Rizk

Ms. Zeinab Rizk

(Years of Experience: 7)

Dietitian (Nutrition)
Rayhan Medical Complex


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Dietitian (Nutrition)

Specializes in promoting nutritional well-being, treating obesity, and preventing nutrition-related problems and their impacts on human health.

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Bachelor's in Nutrition & Food Science, Global University of Beirut, Lebanon


حبيت نظام الي تعرف شنو يناسبني من اكل من خلال فحص الدم فكره جديده وسويت نظام دي ان اي وانتظر نتيجه خلال ٣ اسابيع وسوت لي جدول غذائي مرتب وواضح ماشاء الله عليها انصح فيها 👌 انا من شفت دكتوره زينب ضعيفه وسكيني ماشاء الله قلت بس بضعف على يدها وانا بتم صحه والعافيه ..


After years of dieting (starving) and seeing no results I had given up harming myself rather than doing well. Only after having reached almost 130kg for 180cm height and having serious health issues, I decided it was time take action and this is where Mrs. Zeinab came into my life. Since my first consultation with her, she helped insuring me that I could loose all that weight. She was right, after less than 6 months, following her diet, advice, some workout and follow ups, I’m now stable at 83kg since over a month, I’m a different person, feel great and by the way, thanks to Mrs. Zeinab’s great work, I’m no longer suffering from diabetics. Thanks Mrs. Zeinab, thanks to Macros, the best thing that’s happened to me in Qatar


Lama - "دكتورة كتير منيحة و تجربتي معاها حلوة. بنصح فيها اكيد"


دكتوره ممتازه بنصح فيها الناس. "~ علي"


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