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Dr. Wael Maani | OBGYN in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Wael Maani

Dr. Wael Maani


Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Women) / IVF
Al-Ahli Hospital


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Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Women)

Specializes in treating the diseases of the female reproductive organs and women's health during their pregnancy and just after the baby is born.


Specialized in performing in vitro fertilization by manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus.

Languages Spoken

Medical Qualifications

Bachelor's in Medicine & Surgery, Al Mustansiriya University, Iraq


Certificate of Specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Jordan Medical Council, Jordan


Fellowship in Gynecological Endocrinology & Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, University of Saarland, Germany


Jordanian Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology


Member of the Jordanian Medical Association

Member of the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Wael for supporting us during our journey. From my first meeting with him, I have learnt that he is a very knowledgeable and professional being. He is detail oriented and proficient in all aspects of the process. He has always provided us with background information, how the procedure is and will be carried out, what and why u need certain medications, discussed in detail my medical issues. Most of all, he has been very informative in addressing any concerns that I have had and very friendly. However, the waiting time with the doctor is excessively long. Also, at times the nurses are not available and he has to work without them. But then he also respects your privacy and allows your husband to be there with you, Sometimes he works beyond his shift timings to meet his patients who are on protocol etc. Overall, he has a very friendly approach and would recommend him if anyone is planning for successful procedure.


He did a tremendous job and love his courteous behaviour.Highly appericated and recommended.


Excellent doctor. He is very patient, explains everything in detail, gives assurance. Thank you doctor!


Dr. Wael is very professional, soft spoken and kind, he is the best doctor I have ever met, always ready to listen, care about his patient and explain everything carefully. I am very happy with his medical treatment in each step of the way and highly recommended him.


My experience with Dr. Wael is amazing. Dr. Wael is one of the best doctor I met, because of God's grace and Dr. Wael effort my wife is pregnant. He is helpful and patient. he listen to us patiently and explain everything in deatil. Even during his vacation he is always available with his valuable suggestions.


Great experience, thanks to God and doctor Wael i had my twins , he was great , following up with me and responding to my messages any time ,


دكتور وائل دكتور ممتاز وبيفهم الحاله وبيساعد المريضه الحمدلله زوجتي سوت اطفال انابيب. تحديد الجنس ربنا كرمها وهي حامل ر بنا يتمم حملها علي خير


Dr. Wael Doctor excellent and Bitfhm patient condition and I thank God worked at him pipes and identify sex and God gave me a pregnant and God is doing well


Lina DR. Wael is the best doctor we have ever met. After many years of trying with different doctors, we finally met Dr. Wael. From the first time, we got pregnant with our first baby. He is so patient, caring, understanding, details oriented, and before all that he feels with his patients. Even during his vacation, he was following up with us on daily basis, never failed to assist, to guide or to reply to any of our messages even on holidays or whenever he is out of country. Can’t thank you enough doctor for everything u did. Like other said, you hands are blessed by God.


كانت تجربة جداً سيئة .. الدكتور يسحب على المرضى و يسافر ولا همه المريض .. أسوا دكتور يعطيك أمل على الفاضي


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