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Dr. Tarek Mansour

Dr. Tarek Mansour


Internal Medicine
Al-Ahli Hospital


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Internal Medicine

Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, heart diseases, hormone disorders, blood disorders, infectious diseases, kidney diseases, lung disorders, rheumatology, and arthritis.

Languages Spoken

Medical Qualifications

Ph.D. in Internal Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Master's in Internal Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Bachelor's in Medicine & Surgery, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Resident, Internal Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Member of the Allergy Society of Egypt


"The diagnosis was proper, quick and accurate. He knows what he's doing. I recommend him." - Celine


The experience was good, but I am still waiting for approval for my iron injections.


Honestly, I felt like he was very rude and didn’t believe me when I was telling him my symptoms because the thermometer was reading that I didn’t have a temperature. I came in because I was feverish, extremely cold, my body and ears ached, my throat scratchy and I was very tired. An example, I explained to him how I was so tired I went to bed at 7:30 the night before (because I was sick). Instead of acknowledging that fatigue was a symptom he told me “perhaps I was short of sleep and therefore needed to catch up”. Another symptom of mine was an ear ache however he never checked my ears. I asked him if he could please check them and make sure I didn’t have an infection starting. He refused and told me he cannot check my ears, only an Ear nose and throat specialist could do that. Honestly I was shocked that an internal medicine doctor could not check if I had an ear infection. Additionally, when he checked my throat and neck he was very rough. He put the stick very far down my throat and was too aggressive when checking the lymph nodes on my throat. He checked everything so quickly I was surprised he could be sure of anything. Overall, I wouldnt recommend this doctor at all. He was rude in the way he behaved and spoke and did not trust the words of his patient. Thankfully, after the blood test showed I In fact did have an infection he believed me and prescribed me the proper medication.


I feel he did not read my history of high blood pressure and heart palpitations as I came to emergency of Ahli 2 days ago due to high blood pressure. He gave me high dose injection which made my blood pressure go high again and then he referred me to a cardiologist. If he is a doctor he should be aware of all these conditions before prescribing unsuitable injections. I recovered from near death situation and had high heart rate for almost 4 hours since that injection. When I came back to him to ask about the medication he gave me, without listening he told the nurse to give me another injection he prescribed. He did not even listen to his own nurse who was a bit scared to give that injection as well. He acted like he was God. I did not take the injection and came home safely. I think it’s time for QATAR to only hire doctors qualified from countries where the medical education is of high standards.


The Doctor was very polite and very straightfoward. He was efficent and fast in our consultation, he listened to me and I definetly felt confident in his diagnosis. Overall great service.


Many thanks ... Dr. Tarek is very knowledgeable. He is an excellent doctor.


Very shady and unprofessional, avoid him.


He will not talk to you to discuss your case Unless you ask him a specific question I don’t recommend him


Very good and thank you doctor...


He gave me an antibiotic that’s should be given as a last resort he did not ask me if i had it before. My case of infection wasn’t not severe but he still gave me a strong antibiotic it is fluoroquione avelox. I had a severe nervous system and muscle reaction to it I called al ahli hospital they put my request for him to Call me back but I didn’t get a call!!!!!!!! This is a BIG mistake you can make as a doctor for no not calling back your patient. This isn’t your responsibility to try to give advice . What if the patient dies will u be responsible?! I’m a health care professional and I know my rights as a patient very well. Thumbs down


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