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Dr. Tarek Ammar | Dentist in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Tarek Ammar

Dr. Tarek Ammar


Dentist / Orthodontics
Al-Wehda Medical Group (Abu Hamour)


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Specializes in the prevention, treatment of oral diseases, and malformations of the teeth, gums, and jaws.


Specialized in treating the irregularities of the teeth such as malocclusion and their correction by using braces.

Languages Spoken

Dental Qualifications

Bachelor's in Orthodontics, Université De Clemrmont, France

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Damascus, Syria


Dental Materials, Université De Clemrmont, France


دكتور من اروع دكاترة التقويم والأسنان اللي شفت تعامله وصبره ع حالة بنتي وتحمله للأسئلة الكثيرة وشرحه الإجابة بطريقة مريحة للنفس حتى بنتي الاولى الكبيرة رجعت عملت اعادة للتقويم عند الدكتور طارق لانه عملت في مركز ولم تعجبني النتيجة النهائية عنجد ونصيحة مارح تندموا اذا رحتوا عنده وبعدين اي مشكلة بتواجهك فورا بقلي اروح ع المركز لعنده وبكفي الابتسامة اللي بشوفها بالإدارة والمعاملة الرائعة بتعاملهم للامانة بحس حالي متل اهل بيت شكرا كتييير مركز الوحدة والف مليون شكر للدكتور طارق على أسلوبك الرائع والمريح


Dr.Tarek was very accomodating.He always assure that his patient is always satisfied with the treatment/procedure that he did.He had a very light hand to fix my braces and inform me every visit with the development of my teeth.I am happy that we found Al Wehda Dental Center with a good ortho.Thank you so much


More than perfect, i already told all my friends about this awsome dr he have a light hand and he do me fastet teeth braces in the world even when i saw my friends theeth braces it look like yellow and the whole teeth are full of glue! So no one had a perfect work in braces as him, i didnt see the final look and im sure it gonna be amaizing smile, thank u dr tareq


"He is a really great doctor Informative in every visit"




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