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Dr. Renu Angwin - Qatar Pediatrician | Meddy
Dr. Renu Angwin

Dr. Renu Angwin

Pediatrician / Neonatology
The International Medical Centre



Specializes in managing the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children and newborns.


Specialized in the medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborn infant.

Languages Spoken

English , Hindi , Urdu

Medical Qualifications

MBBCh - University of Liverpool

MA - Healthcare Law and Ethics, Manchester University

Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP)


Diploma in Child Health (DCH)


Fellow of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (FRCPCH)


She's great. She's a wonderful doctor who listens! Very experienced

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"My husband and I had a great experience with Dr. Renu. We found her to be professional and confident, but calm and down to earth as well, easy to communicate with and open to answering our many questions. Like many others said, we like that she does not overprescribe medicines like many other doctors do. I'm very happy to have found her in Doha and we will continue to see her as our paediatrician."

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We have had a not pleasant experience. I took my 5.5 years old daughter to Dr Renu on a Thursday afternoon with high fever (more than 39.0), cough and pain at the bones. She examined the kid, prescribed antibiotics and suggested to revisit the clinic on following Sunday, making also the ypotgesis that might be scarlet fever. I asked her to give me an emergency contact number in case the situation escalates further and her reply was 'unfortunately I am not available at w/e'. One thing to note is that by coincidence we stay at the same tower. To cut a long story short the very next day I took my daughter to another clinic where they suggested x-ray and the result was Pneumonia!! Obviously Dr Renu failed to diagnose it putting at high risk the life of the child.

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Simply love her . She's very kind and professional in her work . We have been following up with her in Doha for long time now and can't imagine taking my kids to any other pediatrician.

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What i like most about Dr. Renu is not prescribing medicine if it is not needed. She advises home remedies instead which really worked for my son for almost 2 yrs now. She is also very accommodating and explains the patient's condition very well. She is very knowledgeable at what she does. The best pedia we've met in Doha so far!

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The best pead in Qatar in the opinion of a mother living in Qatar that use to call doctors back home in SA for advice because the Paediatricians here can be scary. She was absolutely brilliant with my son and her diagnosis was spot-on after four others failed. Thank you for all you do Dr. Renu!

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She is totally different. She is not giving medicines if not necessary. She is explaining the illness and satisfying you. I found her late, but i will not go to another doctor from now on.

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My wife and I confidently rely on Dr. Renu's professional advise and expertise on medical care of our child. We find her to be patient, empathetic and an expert in child care. Her confidence in explaining issues, providing a clean path of recovery and writing prescription is what gives us confidence in her practice. There are a lot of doctors who are nice, but few project confidence when challenged or explaining diagnosis; the doctor's confidence gives us confidence.

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If you are looking for a fantastic Doctor then this is your lady! Dr Renu is amazing and we are truly blessed to have her in Doha! She has been my sons pediatrician from when he was born and I will not go to any other doctor! She is a knowledgeable, professional and friendly doctor that no problem is too big or small. She will happily answer any questions you may have and has so much time for your child . Thank you for being a super star!!

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She's been my child's pediatrician for a year now. She is excellent in giving vaccines, very precise and clear in explaining my child's growth, and truly knowledgeable.

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