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Dr. Nizar Kharma | Dentist in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Nizar Kharma

Dr. Nizar Kharma

(Years of Experience: 15)

Dentist / General Dentistry
Sharq Dental Center


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Specializes in the prevention, treatment of oral diseases, and malformations of the teeth, gums, and jaws.

General Dentistry

Specialized in diagnosing and treating the overall oral health care needs and preventive education.

Languages Spoken

Dental Qualifications

Master's in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Manchester, UK

Bachelor's in Dental Surgery, University of Manchester, UK


Diploma in General Dental Practice, Royal College of Surgeons of England, UK

Diploma in Joint Dental Faculty, Royal College of Surgeons of England, UK


Fellowship in Dentistry & Dental Management, Royal College of Surgeons in England, UK


My experience was amazing... i was very hesitant to go to any dentist here but when i came across Dr. Nizar, I was very happy. He listens to your needs and really took care of me. It felt like being at home in the UK.


Very good service provided by Dr Kharma Thank you so much for all your help and for this amazing experience!


I highly recommended Dr Nizar for his marvelous welcoming attitude and outstanding service


Saw Dr Nizar yesterday and was very happy with his knowledge and confidence and great manners. I highly recommend this dentist.


I strongly and gladly recommend Dr. Nizar for his oriented professional behavior and his honesty. He is a very expierienced and explanatory doctor in every detail, as well as charismatic for the comfortability and the secure feeling that provides to his patients. The dental center staff is well-trained and polite, following procedures and providing excelent services.


Most amazing dentist i have seen he has the most beutiful spirit and professional person and always build a big smile when i leave his clinic


Highly Recommended: professional, caring and friendly doctor, my kids love him too much and wait for his visit, we feel comfortable with him. He is available for any emergency case and any time .


Your childhood fears will go away with him, he is the best Dr. In Qatar, I was afraid to visit And dintice since 10 years and big problems happen to my tooth,, I was not sleeping many night becouse of the pain , untill one of my friend refer him to me, he is so professional and. Make the biggest issue very simple,and easy to fix, every visit to his clinic is mission accomplished and will make you feel very comfortable, I strongly recommend him


I can only describe my delight to have been treated by Dr. Nizar, it was truly great from the offset, very professional, thorough and very personable. I had an abscess caused from an earlier treated root canal, he attended to the this with the utmost of care and have treated the root cause of it ensuring not to rush it till complete healing has taken place prior to crowning, and even with the crowning he had high standards and attention to details which is second to none I've witnessed. I would highly and gladly recommend Dr, Nizar, Been in many countries and densest worldwide and can say without prejudice and honestly that I would travel to Qatar when where ever I am located to maintain being his patient.


Dr. Nizar is the only dentist that I completely trust and fully feel comfortable with. He knows his job too well, he is honest and quite patient with his clients (who fear dentists - like myself) and he is completely understanding. I would highly recommend him to anyone whos look for an amazing experience! Absolutely grand!


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