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Dr. Mohammad Asha - Qatar Internal Medicine | Meddy
Dr. Mohammad Asha

Dr. Mohammad Asha

Internal Medicine
Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic


Internal Medicine

Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, heart diseases, hormone disorders, blood disorders, infectious diseases, kidney diseases, lung disorders, rheumatology, and arthritis.

Languages Spoken

Arabic , English

Medical Qualifications

MBBS - Jordan University of Science and Technology

Jordan board of Internal Medicine


Membership of the Royal College of Physicians


Dr. Mohammad Asha isn’t only a capable doctor but a human who has an extraordinary listening and communication skills, he is one of few doctors that really allows sufficient time to comprehend medical data gathering before jumping to prescribe medicines and that’s one of his success reasons. I’ve been suffering of Blood Pressure for months and couldn’t get it managed even in some European clinics till I met him during my visit to Qatar. I would without any hesitation recommend him for any patient who’s in need for internal medicine consultations/ medications. Thank you Dr. Mohammad for your continuous support and thank you for continuous remote support. I wish you all the best.

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ماشاءالله تعامل و علم دكتور ممتاز وعطاني العلاج المناسب حق بدايه التهاب الجيوب الانفيه

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This is by far the best experience with a Dr. In Qatar. This Dr. Is very professional. He knows his job very well. Further, he has a welcoming attitude and patiently answers all questions and concerns. Also, he follows up with patients. It was a pleasant experience to be under his care. Highly recommended

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He's really good. Highly recommend him

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طبيب متميز ومتمكن وكذلك مرن جدا في التعامل مع المرضى

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Best doctors ive dealt with , hes so straight forward with accurate diagnoses he give just the right amount of care for each condition and work hard to get it treated in best way . Overall one of few Drs who really care about patint .

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Really he is the one of best doctor in qatar I saw especially the way of treatment. I suggest to every one to took oppoinment with this nice doctor. ...... Afzal manan

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"Very nice and helpful doctor Always updated"

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"Dr. Asha is always available, He answers all questions ( why, where, what to do and your cured), caring, he follow up with calls, he explaine to the patient the case, he is friendly, in short he is an excellent doctor. And I'm so happy that I finally found a doctor who I can trust. Tareq Qamhawi"

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It was a good experience, I would go again. He answers questions and listens carefully. I liked that he followed up with calls and the way he explained things.

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