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Dr. Mazen Mahmoud | Pediatrician in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Mazen Mahmoud

Dr. Mazen Mahmoud

Pediatrician (Kids)
Royal Medical Center (Al Gharrafa)

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Medical Qualifications

Master's in Paediatrics Emergency Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK

Doctor of Medicine, Damascus University, Syria


Diploma in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK


Syrian Board of Paediatrics


Member of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, UK

Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Member of the American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Member of the American Thoracic Society

Member of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Member of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Member of the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology


"Very good doctor well experienced and professional, I would recommend him. "~ Yosif


دكتور ممتاز والعلاج نافع. انصح فيه - كريستينا


"The doctor was good. I faced no issues at all. I recommend him." - Tia


اكثر من سنة وانا محتارة اش اسوي بمشكلة التبول عند ولدي اللي صار عمره 7 سنوات , الحقيقة اليوم اللي سمعته من الدكتور مازن ريحني كتير وخلاني افهم تماما ايش حجم المشكلة وايش لازم اساوي ,,دكتور مازن بيض الله وجهك


سرعة , دقة , واسلوب جميل في فحص الاطفال ,,انها العيادة الوحيدة التي دخلتها ابنتي الوحيدة وتم فحصها بدون ان تصاب بالهستيريا المعتادة في باقي العيادات ,,شكرا دكتور مازن , لقد اثلجت صدري بهذا الاسلوب الرائع


الدكتور مازن طبيب رائع , شاءت الظروف ان التقي به مجددا هنا في الدوحة , لقد عملنا سوية في مجمع الجزيرة الطبي في الرياض لمدة عامين, و لقد اشرف على العناية بطفلي الذين لم يكملو الا 6 اشهر بالحمل وقد تابعهم وهم في الحضانة الصناعية , حتى تمكنوا من النجاة والاستمرار بشكل طبيعي , صحيح انه مضي 11 عام ,ولكنه من الاطباء الذي لايمكن نسيانهم ابدا , لن انسى انا واولادي ماقدمته لنا , وفقك الله دكتور مازن , وزرع الخير في دربك


Great doctor with reputed attitude and high qualified doctor,I noticed that he deal with children in very profisional and fast way and he give high priority for hygiene , washing hands and use mask to prevent transfer infections. well done dr Mazen,, really I highly recommended him ,


Two years and I keep move from clinic to clinic to treat my son from the problem of chronic cough, especially at night ,,, thank you so much Dr. Mazen, I have be able to sleep at night !


today and after the fatigue of travel, I can with all my heart say : thank you very much Dr. Mazen, I have heard the same diagnosis and treatment for my only son in the United States


I was not impressed with this doctor. He didn't care to ask about my son in general. He had a mask over his face the entire time, which I found very rude. You are dealing with kids , they want to see your face and that you are engaged with them.


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