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Dr. Maha Salem | Chiropractor in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Maha Salem

Dr. Maha Salem

(Years of Experience: 16)

Chiropractor (Alternative Medicine)
The International Physiotherapy Centre (Al Waab)

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Chiropractor (Alternative Medicine)

Specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine that affect the central nervous system function.

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Medical Qualifications

Master's in Chiropractic, Macquarie University, Australia

Bachelor of Science, the University of Sydney, Australia


My experience with doctor Maha was great. She kept me well informed about what is going on and her thought process and was able to figure out the problem in one session, something that took others 6 session and were not able to point out the issue.


Nice clinic, nice reception and nice doctor


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