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Dr. Hassan Sawaf | Pulmonologist in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Hassan Sawaf

Dr. Hassan Sawaf

Pulmonologist (Respiratory System)
Al-Ahli Hospital


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Pulmonologist (Respiratory System)

Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung and respiratory system diseases.

Languages Spoken

Medical Qualifications

MD - University of Damascus

Specialist Certificate - Universite de Angers

Specialization in Respiratory Disease - Ministry of Health


ما شاء الله عنه بعرف يتعامل ويريح المريض


مفيدة جدا ومثمرة


He is an awsome doc , this guy has brought me to life... he is very helpful, very professional.. very supportive... A real Doctor who thinks and care alot about his patients alot... nowadays medical field has become a business field too but such doctors like him is a blessing .. May Allah keeps him the same and give him alot of success and good health.. Ameen


اللباقة و المهنية مع الخبرة من أبرز ما يميز هذا الطبيب


Very good proffedional. I would recommend 100%.


Very disapointed with this appointment at Ahli. I went in today hoping i will get a decent diagnosis of why I am having a terrible cough, but ended up doing two expensive tests and have prescribed just some cough syrups with no explanations. The doctor took no time to explain what is my condition, what could have caused it and what could help me recover and avoid. Just went prescribing two cough syrups. Thats it. Barely few words spoken. I wonder if all they wanted was the insurance claims, not patient recovery/satisfaction. This is all too common with Al Ahli doctors, barring a very few.


Dr. Hassan is an excellent doctor, knowledgable, professional, hard working, caring, modest, kind & friendly


ما شاء الله. تجربة ممتازة وكتب الله علي يديه شفاء. خدمة طبية ممتازة


All about this doctor is prescribing tests, reading the results without explaining or maybe without even understanding the condition and prescribing mechanically the usual treatments. I went to consult Dr. Hassan following a recommendation as I am having allergic and productive cough and nasal congestion for three months now, have been sick with fever twice during that period and the symptoms are persisting. The experience was extremely costly and disappointing. Firstly he tried to hear my breathing through my jacket (I payed 400 riyals to see this doctor). Then he prescribed X-ray, scan of the sinuses and breathing test. It cost me another 700 riyals. I was not allowed to take the results with me without additional cost. After that he still couldn’t say if I have an allergic infection or not and prescribed mechanically the usual treatments against allergies some of them I have taken previously without improvement. Then after I told him that my sputum has green color, he said that I need to do a saliva test to see if there is any bacteria or not. If I didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t even ask or think to test if there is any bacteria that is causing me this sickness except the allergy. I am sure he still wouldn’t be able to give a clear diagnosis to my condition and accurate treatment event after this test. In addition one of his nurses was extremely rude and disrespectful. For me this was another confirmation that Qatar has a very alarming lack of good health specialists and I have decided to start treatment abroad and to seek health care abroad anytime I need it during my stay here.


تجربتي ومازالت مستمرة مع د. حسان ممتازة ومن أميز الدكاترة اللي اتعاملت معهم ..


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