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Dr. Atiya Bashir - Qatar Pediatrician | Meddy
Dr. Atiya Bashir

Dr. Atiya Bashir


Al-Ahli Hospital



Specializes in managing the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children and newborns.

Languages Spoken

Arabic , English , Hindi , Urdu

Medical Qualifications

Bachelor's in Medicine, Dow Medical College, Pakistan

Doctor of Medicine, University of Medicine & Dentistry New Jersey, USA


Certificate of Specialization in General Pediatrics


Senior Specialist, Pediatric Emergency Centre, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar


Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics


American Board of Pediatrics, USA


I had a worst experience ever with doctor Atiya.i trusted her too much with my baby and she recently ignored my sons sickness (fever for 10 days) refused to do blood check saying saying only viral.when we asked for a antibiotic she said not needed.she said his chest was clear all the time i visited her more than 6 times.on the last day(on the 11th day of sickness) she asked me to take a x-ray,blood report and the report says he has pneumonia.she didn't want to admit that my son was infected.her ignorance and bad diagnosis led my poor baby into suffer with a horrible illness ever.she said his chest was crystal clear and she says x-ray is not good but she gave a antibiotic and my sons fever went down.horrible experience i ever had.never will i recommend her to anyone i know.i put the blame on me for trusting a doctor like her. i changed my doctor asap and she checked my sons chest and said its infected not even looking at a x-ray.

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I cannot express my gratitude towards Dr Attiya. Efficient, friendly and ready to answer each concern. We are very glad to have found her.

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She is amazing with kids and very precise with her diagnosis.

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Dr. Bashir is very good with children, she believe a little too much in vaccination at early ages, but leaves that choice to you. She is approachable and discusses all concerns, unlike the doctors at Hamad.

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Very good doctor, always listening to hear the stories before checking and giving her diagnosis. My kids also like her now that they grow bigger. Keep on and all the best

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Terrible ,i dont give antibiotics! Yes bcz this is what we parents want to hear , i found out going to her is just for nothing , she actually made my son ( her diagnosis) to get pneumonia, bad experience ever

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"Great doctor and person My daughter is extremely fond of her and I trust her diagnos and treatment. Very patient with kids and deal parents with positivity."

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Dr. Atiya is the only professional Doctor who understand Parents & their kids minds. She has the amazing power to read kids/infants mind and accordingly act in their best Interest. She supported and educated me and my wife through her lessons given at our first appointment. Her diagnosis is thorough & excellent, treatment & communication is amazing. She also provides literature to study and extend her guidance extra mile. I recommend her to every Caring Parent who is looking for Professional Doctor in Qatar.

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Dr. Atiya is highly professional Doctor Ive seen in Qatar. Apart from his excellence in subject expertise Pediatrician, She knows how to deal with the kids. She is fully equipped with the Psychology of Kids & know how to control their behavior. Her extra mile efforts of raising Parents standard of raising kids gives her competitive advantage over others. 100% recommended Doctor. -- Muniba

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"Dr. Atiya is a very good doctor with amazing communication approach, both to kids and parents. Highly recommend. Artur"

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