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Dr. Amid Haddad | Dentist in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Amid Haddad

Dr. Amid Haddad

Dentist / Prosthodontics
Al-Wehda Medical Group (Duhail)


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Specializes in the prevention, treatment of oral diseases, and malformations of the teeth, gums, and jaws.


Specialized in the aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth.

Languages Spoken

Dental Qualifications

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Damascus, Syria

Bachelor's in Dental Surgery, University of Damascus, Syria


Certificate of Specialization in Prosthodontics, Syrian Ministry of Health, Syria


He was very accommodating and professional. He is very compassionate with his work and considerate to me that I don’t have the insurance. 😊🥰 God bless Dr. Amid! Keep up the good work.


He has delicate hands! I always do the normal cleaning and once had my wisdom tooth removed..nice and easy!


I would strongly recommend Dr Amid Haddad the professional dentist at Al Wehda Medical Center at Duhail branch. He is an excellent dentist for teeth whitening and cosmetic cases. I used their zoom whitening services as well as cosmetic fillings.


highly recommend him for everyone(any age) he is very professional and light handed i didnt feel any pain. Really passionate about his job and cares about your dental health+finishes perfectly in no time


It was perfect such a good professional understanding doctor I recommend him for all patients


Im Manar 46 years old working in primary health care corporation . I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Dr. Amid for the nice hospitality and good listening to my problems. In fact, the treatment was very smooth and I did not feel any pain or discomfort, And for my young daughters also The treatment was wonderful and they were happy. I would like to say When the patient goes twice to the dentist for the same problem this means that the doctor is not trustworthy but Dr. Amid visits him once for only one problem. This is a guide to a professional doctor.Frankly I trust Dr. Amid treatment only with the fact that I work in the same medical field and have a lot of good dentists. Thank you to all staff at Al Wahda Center and very special thanks to Dr. Amid Haddad [email protected],,,


I had this problem with my tooth’s and sum of them turned half of my face big and I didn’t know how to eat properly. I had this problem for 2 years. I used to get scared of the dentists but that day I came to this dentist in Doha to pull my 3 tooth’s he was telling me to not get scared and it won’t hurt and I when he told me to sit on the chair to get started I was so scared and terrified but he put this liquid this in my gum to not feel pain when he is pulling my tooth’s. Thank you Dr.Amid and mash allah you have a big talent.


I had really bad problems with my tooth. when I went to doctor Amid he helped me with the most thing that really annoyey me and while he did my tooth I didn’t get hurt at all and didn’t cry.he is a really kind person the first day I came to him he had a lot of toys and I chose the one I want it was awesome and the best time I’ve ever done my teeth And even while I was doing my tooth he had songs for me on and he even let me chose the music that I wannted what an awesome doctor I really tell the kids that are my age or older to go to Dr.Amid and he will solve all your problem 😁 thanks Doctor


I’m Ehab I had problems in my teeth and he solved my problem and in the same time I didn’t pain at all and I think people should vist DR.Amid if they have tooth problems and the best thing about him is that he really does care about your tooth and changes your tooth completely to something awesome I hope u keep up your great work thank you DR.Amid


It was a great experiance with him, he is very professional in his career and with communications, and he is very updated with the latest technology and methods of treatment in dentistry, highly recommended


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