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Dr. Adriana Rassi | Pediatrician in Doha, Qatar | Meddy
Dr. Adriana Rassi

Dr. Adriana Rassi


Pediatrician (Kids)
The International Medical Centre


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Medical Qualifications

Doctor of Medicine, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon


Residency in Pediatrics, University of Texas, USA


Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, USA


American Board of Pediatrics


We love Dr. Adriana! Incredibly warm, knowledgeable, professional...so loving towards the kids, she is a perfect pediatrician. As Americans, it was really important for us to find US trained physicians here, and Dr. Adriana has been a real stand-out...we followed her from one clinic close to our home to another a little further away, just because she’s that great. Always very helpful and always encouraged me to personally text or call her if I needed anything. We are moving out of Qatar and will definitely miss her. She’s a gem! Thank you Dr. Adriana!


"Multilingual, caring, very thourough and pays attention to details and she takes her time during the visit to explain to parents without being condescending. She is the 4th pediatrician I saw in Doha and she is by far the best. تأخذ وقتها خلال الفحص لمعرفة الطفل، وللإجابة عن تساؤلات الأهل، وتقدّم لهم معلومات أكثر مما يتوجّب عليها. هي رابع طبيبة أطفال استشرتها من أجل طفلي وأعجبتني لعنايتها بالتفاصيل، وإشراكي في ملاحظاتها وإعطائي الكثير من النصائح والمعلومات دون أن تكون متعالية. وطفلي تفاعل معها بشكل ممتاز كان يضحك طوال الاستشارة رغم أنها أعطته اللقاحات اللازمة."


I visited Dr Adriana with my almost 4 year old and an 18 month and was very pleased. The examination was very thorough and made the children feel at ease giving them stickers and a lolly! Happy children leaving even though they had vaccinations!


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